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Dairy is Money, Dairy is Beauty, Dairy for Life

DairyPesa® is your reliable partner for dairy farming. Our goal is a better future for cows, people and businesses in the dairy sector.

Our purpose is to secure and enhance the profitability, sustainability and competitiveness of large and small holder dairy farmers. We gladly contribute our experience and knowledge to achieve this.

At DairyPesa® we have an enthusiastic team of professionals who combine a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience with a reliable way of working. Together we give complete and independent advice on matters dairy farming. Our team members complement one another, so that every aspect of your dairy needs is considered to your satisfaction.


We work with the dairy farm families who work very hard every day caring for their animals and the land
so that they can bring you- and others around the world fresh, great-tasting, wholesome and nutritious
dairy products. We represent dairy food companies with more than 130,000 employees nationwide dedicated to turning the nutritious milk into foods like cheese, yogurt and dairy ingredients. We represent the hundreds of thousands of dairy industry professionals who support ksh. 50 billion industry that provides jobs to local communities and a healthy planet to future generations.

Dairy isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are – Dairypesadairypesa logo


As the nation turns its attention to reducing calories as people struggle to be healthy, there is good news: Dairy foods can help. Dairy foods provide substantial nutrients per calorie, helping people make their calories count. The dairy industry is committed to providing people with real, fresh and natural nutrient-rich foods and beverages from childhood to adulthood.

“It’s hard to find any other single food that will give you the levels of nutrients you get in dairy.”


For generations, the people who have brought fresh, delicious milk and other wholesome dairy foods to Kenyan tables also are stewards of the land and contribute to local communities and family businesses.

drinking-milkThe vast majority of dairy farms are family-owned. And as active members of their communities, the nation’s 800,000 plus dairy farm families take pride in helping to feed our country and the world while doing their part to maintain natural resources. Dairy farmers are local business owners, parents, school supporters and active members of their communities. Dairy farmers and the dairy industry are a lifeline at least 2 million jobs in Kenya.

Dairy farmers have a long heritage as responsible stewards of the land, air and water enabling generation after generation to carry on family traditions. Ingenuity and innovations helped them to do more with less. The entire dairy industry, from the farmers and dairy food companies to distributors and retailers, has committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 25% by 2020.


To provide the leadership, voice and programs for a vibrant dairy industry where farm families, dairy businesses and associated dairy organizations can thrive and be profitable.


To empower dairy farmers, create the partnerships and coordinate the resources to grow the profitability of Kenya’s dairy industry.

Our mission is to support Kenya Dairy farmers by driving the positive position and consumption of milk and dairy products through integrated marketing and communications programs, based on informed scientific evidence.


The values that the DairyPesa wish to convey and embed in the culture and the ways of working of the organization are:

  • Trusted:  DairyPesa will seek to build trust with key stakeholder groups through the provision of well-informed, balanced views and information.
  • Innovative:  DairyPesa will strive to be innovative, bringing new ideas and fresh approach to the work undertaken.
  •  Forward-looking:  DairyPesa will work hard at being forward-looking, pre-empting issues and matters of interest and importance to the funders, the milk and dairy sector.
  •  Authoritative:  DairyPesa will ensure that the views and opinions of the company are rooted in robust scientific research so that it can speak with authority.
  •  Accessible: DairyPesa at all times will engage openly with the Dairy Stakeholder groups and be accessible and responsive.

Strategic Objectives from 2015-2020

As part of our Milk for life strategy, DairyPesa aims to achieve the following 2015-2020.

  1.  To enhance the position and image of milk and dairy products through a proactive and well-informed advocacy and communications strategy.
  2.  To increase the consumption of milk by young people by leading the re-vitalization of the school Milk Scheme at Primary and Secondary levels.
  3. To strengthen the position and image of milk and dairy in terms of usage and attitudes among st all target consumer segments by means of more informed market research and delivery of effective marketing campaigns.
  4. To inform, advise and publicly represent the milk and dairy industry through building a systematic approach to, and competency with regard to issues Management.
  5.  To be recognized as the national Centre of knowledge on dairy nutrition and related matters of importance to consumers.
  6. To re-structure and develop  DairyPesa as a competent, efficient, effective organization operating to a high standard of integrity and accountability, thereby delivering value for sponsors and stakeholders.

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